Portugal is the westernmost country of Europe and has a population of 10.5 million people and is the nation with which Britain enjoys its oldest alliance dating back to the late 1300's.

Stretching from Lisbon to Fiqueira da Foz, Portugal's Costa de Prata (Silver Coast) is a gem of largely undiscovered beauty and gets its name from the effect of the sun on the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike its more famous and populous cousin in the south of the country here you can discover pretty villages and a real Portuguese way-of-life amongst stunning coastal scenery fringed with the best beaches in Europe. Because much of this area of Portugal remains undiscovered by the mass tourism market you can guarantee a beach to yourself even in the height of the season if you are prepared to drive and walk a little way.

The Praia d'el Rey championship golf course and its luxurious accommodation and superb beach happily nestle side-by-side with the ancient, picturesque charm of medieval Óbidos whilst our accommodation at Foz do Arelho offers access to the beauty of the Óbidos lagoon and the lively bars and restaurants around its shores.

Lisbon is an hour way and not to be missed. It is a beautiful city with a richly deserved reputation for the warmth of its welcome and is recognised as one of the most sophisticated capital cities.

Like most of Portugal the Silver Coast comprises mainly small towns and villages; 3 million of Portugal's population are in the two major cities of Lisbon and Porto with the remainder spread across the country. Consequently overcrowded roads and oppressive cities are not to be found. Small town and village life may move at a different pace to that which you are used to at home and adjusting to this healthy pace is part of the pleasure of being on holiday.

Visits to the fascinating towns and villages of this region are made on uncrowded roads and offer rich rewards. Fátima is an easy drive as are Alcobaça and Tomar.

Eating out is both affordable and satisfying; there are top-class restaurants to sample as well as very reasonably priced eating-out. Tempting sea-food is a speciality and can be enjoyed with a chilled bottle of white from the region.

You will find modern-day Portuguese people to be exceptionally friendly and visits to the many non-touristy destinations which abound in our area immensely rewarding. Below is some information on some of the many places which you can visit easily from your holiday accommodation and which make this area so fascinating.

If you want you can soak up the sun on one of countless beaches; play golf on a stunning links course or take in the history and culture with which this area abounds - the choice is yours when you book a villa rental holiday with Portugal Holiday Destinations


The magnificent and austere Cistercian Abbey at Alcobaça dominates the centre of the town. The austere aspect is continued within the church in which are the tombs of King Pedro 1 and Ines de Castro, his murdered mistress. Beyond the church lies the peace and quiet of the "Cloister of Silence". In contrast, within the Abbey is the massive kitchen with a running stream specially diverted to pass through as a supply of fresh water.

Nazaré Canyon

It’s back, like a cold sore. Nazaré Canyon. The wave that sometimes isn’t a wave because a wave has a crest and a trough, and Nazaré often lacks the latter. The hype that comes with it is back too. “Biggest wave ever ridden?” “The 100-foot wave?” “I’m Ron Burgandy?” Those question marks express doubt, and rightfully so. It’s like a surfers version of a cheap philosophical question: If a wave breaks without a bottom, does it break a world record?








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